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PhotoSort is a fast, compact and easy to use utility for finding and removing duplicate and near duplicate pictures. Whether it is desktop wallpapers, family photos or any other kind of picture files, there are often many duplicates that you may not be even aware of. Unlike most duplicate detection programs, PhotoSort compares pictures by the way they look. This means that it will detect duplicates and near duplicates even when they are saved in different file format, when they have different size or scale, or even when they have been altered in other ways like if their color, contrast and brightness was slightly changed or texts and logos have been added. It can group photos that have been taken from a slightly different angle or position or in which the subject has moved. When developing PhotoSort our main objective was to create a tool that will be extremely easy to use and faster than anything else that can be found on the market. Because of lot of research and time invested in optimization and because the program is Ent direly written in assembly language, current version of PhotoSort takes only 5 minutes to scan a collection of 10, 000 pictures when caching is enabled and that makes it the fastest program of its kind. File caching with automated updating and removing of cached items increase image loading speed and you will never need to worry about the database file. Adjustable tolerance, identifying corrupted and partially downloaded files, support for popular formats... it is all there, in an intuitive interface, packed with everything you need to get the job done. And if you discover you need something more simply share it with us and we will make sure we add it in one of our next updates.



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